2023 Grants

French Heritage Society has awarded 17 restoration grants and one cultural grant for a total of nearly $376,000 so far in 2023 with several exciting projects still to come.

To date, FHS has awarded nearly $15 million in grants to over 670 châteaux, historic properties and gardens.  FHS also creates special funds for emergency restoration efforts, which have provided critical support following the fire at Notre-Dame in Paris and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  If future generations are to know the beauty of historic landmarks and properties, it is our responsibility to act now to protect them.

“It’s not just about making a contribution or sending a check, it’s about Americans who share their love of France” –Denis de Kergorlay, FHS President

2022 Grants

French Heritage Society has awarded 14 Restoration Grants for a total of nearly $460,000 in 2022.

2021 Grants

French Heritage Society awarded nearly $600,000 in  2021 for 13 Restoration and one Cultural Grant

2020 Grants

French Heritage Society awarded $166,000 to date in 2020 for 16 Restoration and Cultural Grants

2019 Grants

French Heritage Society raised nearly $2.9 million in 2019 for 17 Restoration and Cultural Grants, including for a major grant to be awarded to Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Click here to see highlights of the 2019 FHS Grants

Abbaye de Lagrasse (Aude) – Fiscal Sponsorship

The Abbey Sainte-Marie de Lagrasse, one of the most prestigious religious monuments in the South of France, is between Montpellier and Toulouse. Founded in the 8th century, it enjoyed the protection of Emperor Charlemagne. It presents a veritable catalog of architecture, from the 10th to the 18th century, and bears the traces of eminent political and spiritual influence.

2018 Grants

French Heritage Society awarded over $865,000 in 2018 for 21 Restoration and Cultural Grants.

2017 Grants

French Heritage Society awarded more than $1.1 million in restoration and cultural grants in 2017 (15 projects in France and six in the U.S.).

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