2018 Grants

Franco-American initiatives to preserve cultural treasures in both countries are crucial and lay at the core of French Heritage Society’s mission. It is clear that if future generations are to know the beauty of landmarks and historic properties, it is our responsibility to act now to protect them.

FHS has awarded over $865,000 in 2018 for 21 Restoration and  Cultural Grants.

“It’s not just about making a contribution or sending a check, it’s about Americans who share their love of France”—Denis de Kergorlay, FHS President

2017 Grants

FHS awarded more than $1.1 million in restoration and cultural grants in 2017 (15 projects in France and six in the U.S.).

Château de Bonnemare (Eure)

Restoration of the roof to allow the building to be used for banquets.

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Chapelle des Jésuites de St Omer (Pas de Calais)

RestElements of the sculpted décor, stone facing and marble flooring.

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Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel (Manche)

Restoration of the 13th-century cloister including its garden.

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Palais de Compiègne (Oise)

Restoration of the Guests Library.

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Château de Versigny (Oise)

The two major staircases (north and south) giving access to the château.

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Château d’Oustal de Tarteron (Gard)

Restoration of the “traversiers” structures built in regional-style gardens and its hydraulic system and a textile workshop.

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Château de Braux Sainte Cohiére (Marne)

West tower slate roof, beams and carpentry.

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Château de Chaumont Laguiche (Saône & Loire)

The stables require an overall structural restoration.

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Basilique de la Daurade (Toulouse)

The late 18-century mural paintings of the choir.

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Abbaye de Longues

Restoration of the Chapter House.

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Château de la Moglais (Côte d’Armor)

Restoration of the stone wall surrounding the estate.

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Prieuré du Mont St Michel

Restoration of the dovecote to be used to receive visitors.

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Château de Montréal (Dordogne)

The Renaissance façade, which has never been fully restored.

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Orangerie de Bagatelle

Restoration of the Orangerie, built in 1835 on the model of the Luxembourg Gardens.

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Rochambeau Monument (Newport, RI)

The Pyramid was constructed of stone blocks using sea water in the mortar, so this section of the monument requires restoration.

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Stanton Hall

Restoration of structural elements.

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Venetian House, Cultural Service of the French Embassy (NYC)

Restoration of this emblematic example of interior designing during the Gilded Age.

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Vernon House (Newport, RI)

Roof dormer windows and 27 pairs of double-hung, wooden sash windows.

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MET (NYC) Visitors to Versailles Exhibition

Cultural grant to support the scenography for the exhibition.

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St. Bartholomew’s Church (NYC)

n in-depth conditions assessment with resulting recommendations for conservation and restoration.

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