Château de Bourmont (Loire-Atlantique)


The origins of Bourmont date back to 14th century but much of what remains today is from the 15th-18th centuries. The remains of the ancient defensive structure are visible at the base of the wall of the dry moats and the towers.

The château was the birthplace of Louis Auguste Victor de Ghaisne de Bourmont in 1773, who captured Algiers in 1830 and died there in 1846. Due to this conquest, he was made Marshal of France. In 1795, during the chouannerie, the viscount of Scépaux established his headquarters at the château. The château was set on fire during the Revolution. The damage caused by this resulted in vast restoration work during the 19th century.

The current owners represent the 25th generation of the same family to oversee the château and surrounding estate. The owners are also opening up the château’s vast private archives to historians who wish to consult them.

Restoration Project

The 18th-century moats and their support walls on the north and south. The chief architect, Pascal Filatre, is a former FHS Richard Morris Hunt Fellow.

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