Preserving our Historic Treasures to Inspire Future Generations

Join the Heritage Circle and Define Your Legacy through French Heritage Society

At the heart of our charitable mission is a belief that the most enduring expression of a culture is the preservation of its highest achievements. By joining the Heritage Circle in support of our Planned Giving Program, you will help ensure that French architectural and cultural treasures in the United States and France survive and continue to inspire future generations

Consider French Heritage Society in your estate plan. A bequest to French Heritage Society in your estate plan can support our mission and secure your philanthropic legacy. When structured properly, charitable contributions can also provide donors with significant tax benefits, some extending beyond the gift year. Though there are many creative ways to provide for charity, a simple bequest in a will or designation on a beneficiary form are often sufficient.

Please contact our New York office at 212-759-6846 to learn more or to obtain sample bequest language to include in your estate plan. If you have already named FHS as a beneficiary of your estate, please let us know so that we may welcome you into the Heritage Circle. Requests for anonymity will be honored.

Ways to Give

Make a Gift in Your Will

Charitable bequests through a will or trust are among the easiest ways to make significant future gifts to the individuals and charities that most matter to you. We hope that you will consider FHS in your estate plan.

Make FHS a Beneficiary of an Account

Retirement accounts, life insurance policies, and other investment accounts can be dedicated to charity through beneficiary designation forms. Due to special tax considerations, these assets could make an excellent choice for funding a charitable gift.