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Over the past 37 years, our generous supporters have helped us to award over 600 grants for a total of $13.2 million (resulting in $26.4 million with our matching funds requirement) to preserve historic French architecture in France and the United States, to organize 509 educational exchanges between our two countries and to promote French-American friendship.

This year, French Heritage Society’s Notre-Dame Fire Restoration Fund raised $2,615,527 from 3404 donors from 40 countries across the globe. Mille merci!

French Heritage Society intervenes to ensure that the treasures of our shared French architectural and cultural heritage survive to inspire future generations to build, dream and create.

Guided by the belief that the most enduring expression of a culture is to pass on its highest achievements, French Heritage Society is dedicated to protecting the French architectural and cultural legacy both in France and the United States, with emphasis on raising funds for preservation, restoration and education.


We preserve the rich French architectural and cultural heritage throughout France and in the United States by raising funds for restoration, preservation and cultural grants.


We transmit and safeguard the skills, knowledge and love of heritage through transatlantic educational programs for students, architects, artisans, art connoisseurs and collectors.

Cultural Activities

We foster Franco-American friendship and cross-cultural exchange through enriching exclusive tours in France and the US, distinguished lectures and dazzling galas on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Join us as a member and help support our restoration grants and educational programs. You will be part of a vital network of transatlantic Francophiles who share their love of French heritage and culture.
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Grant Awards (over $26.4 million generated including required matching funds)


Our 11 dynamic Chapters across the US and one in Paris form a vibrant network to support our restoration projects and promote French culture.

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