International Professional Internship Program

French Heritage Society continues to invest in the diversification of its Education Program, reinforcing its longer-term placements in the fields of curation, restoration and architecture.  The offerings target post-graduate and post-doctorate candidates who represent our association as researchers, fellows and scholars.  In 2019-2020 French Heritage Society is proud to have offered these opportunities to two American students and one French student.  In association with the AIA, FHS also selected one fellow and three scholars within our prestigious Richard Morris Hunt Prize awarding a total of $30,000 for their architectural projects.

French Heritage Society, under a co-sponsorship agreement with the American Architectural Foundation, participates in awarding the Richard Morris Hunt Prize each year, alternately to a French or to an American preservation architect.

It offers them the opportunity to travel to the other side of the Atlantic for six months where they experience their counterparts’ theories, methodologies, rules and practices.

Named for the first American architect to study at Paris’ Ecole des Beaux Arts, the program, founded in 1990, is led by Michèle le Menestrel Ullrich, RMH Prize co-founder and Ronald Bogle, AAF President and CEO. 

First photo above: Simon Petot-Bottin, Brian Bauer (U.S. Embassy Cultural Attaché), Bérénice Gaussuin, Michèle le Ménestrel Ullrich, James Walbridge, Robert Ivy, Barbara Lambec, Pierre Gommier; 2020 RMHP prize recipients & Jury and RMHP Alumni

FHS_logo_01_original Past RMH Prize recipients:

• 2020: Simon Petot-Bottin, Richard Morris Hunt Fellow; Barbara Lambec, Richard Morris Hunt Scholar; Bérénice Gaussuin and Pierre Gommier, special 30th Anniversary grants

• 2018: Sixte Doussau de Bazignon, 28th Richard Morris Hunt Fellow, and Pauline Voisin, Fifth Richard Morris Hunt Scholar

• 2017: Beth A Jacob, 27th Richard Morris Hunt Fellow, and Constance Lai, Fourth Richard Morris Hunt Scholar

• 2016: Luca Monsaingeon, 26th Richard Morris Hunt Fellow, and Florence Declaveillère, Third Richard Morris Hunt Scholar

• 2014: Laurent Duport, 25th Richard Morris Hunt Fellow, and Axelle Macardier, Second Richard Morris Hunt Scholar

• 2013: Maya Maria Forty, heritage preservation, AIA, LEED, Architectural Resources Group, San Francisco

• 2012: Elsa Ricaud, heritage architect, degrees from ENSA Versailles, Ecole de Chaillot

• 2011: Robert J. Hotes, AIA, LEED AP, Klein and Hoffman Inc, Associate, Philadelphia, PA

• 2010: Vanessa Fernandez, lecturer at ENSA Belleville, Toulouse Liberal

• 2009: Tina Roach, AIA, LEED AP, Quinn Evans Architects, Washington DC

• 2008: Diego Rodriguez, heritage architect, lecturer at ENSA Nantes, Paris, France

• 2007: Wendy Hillis, AIA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

• 2006: Christophe Loustau, heritage architect, Paris, France

• 2005: Mary Brush, AIA, Preservation Group Leader, Holabird & Root, Chicago, IL

• 2004: Pascal Filâtre, heritage architect, lecturer at ENSA Nantes, France

• 2003: Kyle Brooks, AIA, Government Services Administration, New York, NY

• 2002: Sabina Fabris, heritage architect, Paris, France

• 2001: Raymond Plumey, FAIA, architect and planner, New York, NY

• 2000: Stéphanie Zugmeyer, heritage architect, archeologist, Arles, France

• 1999: Elizabeth Newman, AIA, Portland ME

• 1998: Stéphanie Celle- Riccio, Bâtiments de France architect, Paris, France

• 1997: Yves-Patrick Deflandre, AIA, New York, NY

• 1996: Jérôme Francou, heritage architect, Lyon, France

• 1995: Linda Stevenson, AIA, Florida

• 1994: Ruth Todd, AIA, Page and Turnbull, San Francisco, CA

• 1993: Jean-Christophe Simon, DESA, CEHCMA, CMN, Paris, France

• 1992: Bonita Mueller, AIA, National Park Service, Denver, CO

• 1991: Pierre-Antoine Gatier, head architect for historic monuments, Paris, France

• 1990: John Robbins, AIA, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC