Support the Restoration of the YMCA Paris

The project: restoring an exceptional building

Support the restoration of the YMCA Paris association building at 14 rue de Trévise, listed as a Historic Monument, in the 9th arr. of Paris ! The association intends to obtain the support of public partners and companies, but to complete the financing, it also needs the support and generosity of the public.

The site and its history: a place linked to youth movements

The YMCA, created in 1844, fosters the spiritual, intellectual, and physical development of young people. Present in 124 countries, this secular association is open to all. The Paris YMCA, founded in 1852, built its headquarters at rue de Trévise, after raising funds, thanks to the generosity of the public and French, English and American patrons.

Architect Emile Bénard, Grand Prix de Rome, was inspired by models of American YMCA buildings. Inaugurated on May 7, 1893, the complex brings together for the first time in France in one place: gymnasium, restaurant, bowling alley, swimming pool, reception rooms, conference room, concert hall and theater, library, billiards, hostel and creamery. The gymnasium is of major heritage interest. The first basketball game in Europe was held there in 1893. The Paris YMCA is today the oldest basketball court in its original state and is thus a jewel of the world’s sporting heritage.

YMCA Paris, recognized as being for the public good, has carried out its activities at the site for the past 127 years. The building is listed on the supplementary inventory of Historic Monuments for “the originality and rarity of this social, educational and sports complex”.

Mobilization: an association united around this project

The 14Trévise project, initiated in 2018, is led by a committee entitled “Trévise 2024”, composed of volunteers (board members), to carry out all aspects of the project from heritage and architecture to design of the future economic model, fundraising, communications and general oversight and management.

The restoration work program

The restoration work consists of renovating heritage spaces (gymnasium, swimming pool, theatre), restoring glass roofs, glass works and stained-glass windows, reinforcing the structure, and optimizing safety installations and accessibility for all.

The site will be massively restored by 2024 just before the opening of the Summer Olympics in Paris.

A restoration project combining respect for heritage and public use

The renovated space will represent a real alliance of heritage and innovation. Its 3,500 m² in the heart of the 9th is anchored in the life of the neighborhood and a driving force for local activity, with hybrid programming offering spaces for culture, sports, work, housing, reflection, creation, learning, sharing, and relaxation.

Social project and social impact

YMCA Paris reaffirms its mission of the dual challenges of a fairer society within a preserved environment, stressing the fundamental dimensions of Mind, Body and Spirit. The restoration will strengthen the social mission of the association: to offer a combination of spaces for diverse purposes, a tool-place, in a nutshell, and to provide lodging and meals for students and young workers between the ages of 18 to 30 at some of the lowest prices in the city, allowing many from other parts of France and abroad to transition into Parisian life, and opening their facilities, especially the theatre with a capacity of 270 and spaces for performances to local cultural associations in addition to their own programming, thus enriching the cultural and community life of the participants. In the same way, their sports facilities also benefit residents and the local community.

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