Château des Millets (Allier)

Château des Millets (Allier)
Château des Millets (Allier)

This fortified château from the end of the 15th century was embellished with a Renaissance façade in the 16th century. Its interior décor dates from the 18th century and elements were added in the 19th-century. The estate is designed to live in economic independence or self-sufficiency complete with a fish pond, stables, dairy, vegetable gardens, orchards, wine press and wine cellars, bread oven, watercress cultivation, etc. The concept of self-sufficency is an important one to the owners and a focus of their current and future develpment of the site.

In the 1940s the library was created featuring sculptures evoking the owner at the time’s passion for philately. Decals by illustrator Benjamin Rabier can be found in the kitchen (known for his Vache qui Rit or Laughing Cow labels on the cheese of the same name). These are in the process of being landmarked.

Cultural Project

the roof of the16th-century fortified château with its Renaissance façade. Tiles are cracked and falling off the roof in places allowing water infiltrations.

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