Abbaye de Longues (Calvados)

Abbaye de Longues (Calvados)

Located near Bayeux and the Landing Beaches, the Abbaye de Longues remains an exceptional testimonial of religious life in Normandy in the Middle ages and its architecture and decorative arts. This former Benedictine abbey dates from the 12th century and features a complex of buildings, the church, chapter house, the monks’ refectory, a garden and a beautiful collection of glazed tiles from the 13th century that are among the finest in Normandy.

The building that remained after damage during the French Revolution were saved from ruin by US Senator Charles Dewey who in 1932 bought the estate and began the first urgent restoration work. Spared from destruction in 1944, the abbey is now being restored by its current owners.

Cultural Project

Restoration of the Chapter House.

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Grant Sponsor

Boston and Northern California Chapters, FHS & private donors