Château de By-Rosa Bonheur (Seine et Marne)

Château de By-Rosa Bonheur (Seine et Marne)
Château de By-Rosa Bonheur (Seine et Marne)

Rosa Bonheur is the astonishing story of a 19th-century French artist, not only an animal painter but also landscape painter, portrait painter and sculptor. Adored for her talent and for her passion in France as well as in the U.S. and in England, her works have traveled around the world. Dignitaries and crowned heads rushed to visit her at the Château de By, at her workshop and park.

Passionate about the history of the artist and touched by the authenticity of the place, never modified, Katherine Brault and here team are committed to safeguarding the house, its collections and vast park in order to rehabilitate this exceptional site and make it the Giverny of Île-de-France. The works stored in the attic, never before inventoried, unveil daily evidence of the artist’s mastery and the park and gardens are gradually revealing their full splendor.

2022 will be a momentous year to celebrate the bicentenary of the artist’s birth: the first retrospective dedicated to the artist will be held at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris with possible subsequent exhibitions in the U.S; an exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum of Bordeaux (city of her birth); tv shows and documentaries on the artist; partnerships in the U.S. and England; a series of prestigious events at the château (open-air music festival, special exhibitions), etc. FHS will also continue to place student interns as the château, as it has since 2019, as part of its Education Program, at this especially exciting time.

Cultural Project

the complete restoration of the “Chambre à Chasselas” or Grape Room, part of a vast project to fully rehabilitate the château and its 3-hectare park and restore its biodiversity and ecosystem.

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FHS Chapters and private donor in memory of Francis de Marneffe