Château de Versigny (Oise)

Château de Versigny (Oise)

Previously a royal estate, Versigny has been in the same family for 600 years since 1418. The first château, a medieval fortress, was burned down in 1635 during the Wars of Religion. Today’s château was built in the second half of the 17th century. The park design is attributed to Le Nôtre. Trees and perspectives attest to this period despite transformation in the 19th century into a romantic park.

The château was occupied by the French army during WWI and by the German army in WWII and became a military hospital at the end of the war. After WWII, when the owner returned from deportation, he started an ongoing restoration campaign continued by his son, and now his grandson.

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The two major staircases (north and south) giving access to the château.

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