Château de Sambucy (Aveyron)

Château de Sambucy (Aveyron)
Château de Sambucy (Aveyron)

Between 1672 and 1674, Jacques Duschene, adviser to the king, private controller of water and forests in the Rouergue region and a dignitary in Millau, had a private townhouse built complete with a French garden. In 1720, it became, by marriage, the home of Marc-Antoine de Sambucy, Capitoul of Toulouse (member of the municipal council) as of 1745. From 1730-1780 construction of the side wings took place as well as the  extension of the French gardens. The impressive painted frescoes and decorations carved in stucco also date from this period. The château remains in the same family today.

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the perron of the cour d’honneur and stairway of the cour des chevaux

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