Château de Miromesnil (Seine Maritime)


In 1687 Louis XIV decided to ennoble, for service rendered, this family of Norman  parliamentarians. The Marquisate of Miromesnil was born. One most illustrious member of the family, Armand Thomas Hue, Marquess de Miromesnil, was born in  1723 on the lands of Latingy and had a brilliant career as a magistrate in the Parliament of Rouen. He became First President in 1668.

The salons of the château evoke the Marquis de Miromesnil, owner of the premises in the 18th century and the celebrated author Guy de Maupassant, born in Miromesnil  in 1850.

The estate has belonged to the same family for three generations. Miromesnil is not relegated to history, even if history buffs will find something to satisfy their curiosity. It is a residence that lives all year round, with a whole family that gives a soul to this place. Woods, a vegetable garden, guest rooms, lodges, events, visits, and entertainment provide activities for all tastes and all ages from school visits,  the egg hunt, Christmas market, to Cluedo sleuths are among the 15,000 visitors to the château and its garden. Miromesnil attracts visitors from all over the world to discover the magic of the estate that is very much alive with activity.

Restoration Project

The outer stone wall which encloses the park and château.

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