Château de Sully (Saône et Loire)

Château de Sully (Saône et Loire)
Château de Sully (Saône et Loire)

The Château de Sully, half an hour west of Beaune, is nestled in the rolling hills of the Burgundy countryside, on the northside of the famous Côte de Beaune and its world-renowned vineyards.  A moat surrounds four completely different façades and in the interior is the most beautiful Renaissance courtyard in France. One of the most famous owners, Maréchal Maurice de Mac Mahon, was born at the château in 1808.  He became the hero of Emperor Napoleon III’s Crimean and Italian campaigns.  In 1873 he was elected President of the French Republic,. the only French President to have been born and raised in Burgundy.

Cultural Project

the First Empire theater, rare in private châteaux, with the characteristics of an Italian theater

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Gurnee and Marjorie Hart, Stephen Gill in memory of Margaret Gill