Château de la Roche (Nièvre)


Château de la Roche in Larochemillay is recognizable from afar, perched on its rocky promontory in the southern part of the Morvan Regional Park in Burgundy.

Built in the 18th century in place of a fortified medieval castle, it is characterized by its austere, classical architecture. After suffering a fire in 2008, the château has been gradually restored to its original state. Château de la Roche has remained in the same family for 280 years who have preserved remarkable traces of its 18th-century decor. Stucco decorations are still visible in their original colors, a rare feature in this type of château. Wooden decorations are also still present, but have deteriorated, as have the stucco moldings in the vestibule. Cracks visibly affect the pastel colors of the paintings. The restoration campaign will focus precisely on these elements.

A driving force behind the local economy and tourism, the château is near important heritage features, including the Bibracte archaeological sites.

Restoration Project

Restoration of the stucco decorations and woodwork.

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