Château du Panloy (Charente Maritime)

Château du Panloy
Château du Panloy

The dovecote dating from 1620 is one of the few vestiges of the original Renaissance style as the château was rebuilt in 1785 and used as a summer residence and hunting site. The estate is equipped with stables, a kennel for its pack of hunting hounds. The owners are very active and offer several activities linked to the preservation of nature and ecology. The focus of the restoration of the 17th-century dovecote is also to create a refuge in partnership with local associations for the numerous birds that pass through the region and are in increasing danger due to powerlines, wind turbines and the development of natural areas. The dynamic owners welcome 10,000 visitors per year, a seven-fold increase since 2015.

Cultural Project

Restoration of the the 17th-century dovecote, one of the most complete and best-preserved dovecotes of the region, whose framework risks collapse

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