Château de Saveilles (Charente)


A rare example of excellent architectural preservation, Château de Saveilles is one of the most remarkable castles in the Charente region. With its surrounding walls, outbuildings, and vast park, it perfectly represents the evolution of fortified noble houses.

Built in the 15th and 16th centuries, the château has all the characteristics of a medieval fortress, with its towers and moat, but also the delicacy and sophistication of a Renaissance residence. The château’s excellent preservation in its original state can be attributed to the fact that the estate has remained in the hands of the same family since 1307, even if modifications have created significant structural fragilities. The restoration project focuses on the framework and masonry to stabilize the building as a whole.

The château has been open to the public since 1987 and offers visitors the chance to discover this splendid edifice in the company of the owner during themed guided tours. Hot-air balloon launches also take place in the park for an unforgettable experience at the heart of the estate. Since 2019, an open-air opera “Une soirée d’été à Saveilles” allows tourists and locals alike to enjoy the estate.

Restoration Project

Restoration of the East façade and reinforcement of the four chimneys.

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