Château de Magnas (Gers)


The château dates from the 16th century with extensive alterations in the 19th century. On a large semi-circular vaulted cellar, stands a building pierced with a semi-circular door and a window with crosspiece and mullion. A circular tower overlooks the formerly French-style gardens. The current château, bordering the square courtyard, is flanked by two square towers with a chapel to the south. The western part, on the garden side, is bordered by a terrace overlooking the valley below, remodeled or built by Hector de Galard at the end of the 19th century. The orangery was built in 1840. The strong imprint of  the 19th-century work is today inseparable from the identity of this chateau, which has been in the same family since the 15th century and saw Henri IV ride up its alley of oaks. Gustave de Galard, a celebrated regionalist painter, grew up there.

The owner has three projects to further open the site to the public:

  1. Become a full member of the European Route of d’Artagnan, labeled European cultural route, and register as a reference hosting site in the region. 2. Escapade musketeers to welcome guest around the theme of d’Artagnan. 3. Seminars and group work: Offer company employees a break from their daily lives, with atypical activities in order to allow them to find a peaceful setting to reconnect with themselves, with nature and with others.

Restoration Project

Urgent work consists of restoring the roof and wooden support frames of the central body of the château.

Amount Awarded


Grant Sponsor

FHS Atlanta Chapter