Château de Vaux (Aube)

Château de Vaux (Aube)

Built in 1721 for Jacques d´Aubeterre, the plans for the château were commissioned from Germain Boffrand, the famous Lorraine architect (Châteaux de Lunéville, Haroué, Hotels de Soubise, Ferrari and Craon).  Architect Philippe Delaforce from Troyes finished the château as of 1752., but the owner was ruined by the costly construction and the worksite was interrupted shortly after his death for lack of funds. The stone was transported on mules from the quarries of Tonnerre (Burgundy) and slates by boat from Paris. The Montmort family bought the estate shortly before the Revolution and lived there in great style. Exiled to England during the Terror, the family kept the château until 1855, when it was sold to Charlemagne-Emile de Maupas, prefect of police under Napoleon III.  Ambassador in Naples, prefect of Bouches du Rhône, Allier then Aube, he remodeled Vaux without touching the exterior architecture (outbuildings and salons).

Cultural Project

The château and 60 hectares of park were sold to Edouard Guyot, a young 23-year-old entrepreneur whose family has a long history of buying and restoring historic châteaux to breathe new life into them through viable commercial projects. The restoration concerns flooring on 2nd & 3rd floors of the East wing and East pavilion.

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