Château de Bouzols (Haute Loire)

Château de Bouzols

The site encapsulates over 1,000 years of history. Originally, the estate housed a semi-troglodyte village. It was embellished during the Renaissance, notably with windows pierced in the solid stone from the region.

The château was abandoned in the 18th century and was then seized as state property during the Revolution and put up for auction. Descendants of the current owner purchased the estate in 1808. For the past ten years, all maintenance work for the château’s gardens and vegetation has been entrusted to a local medico-social establishment employing young disabled workers. This is a conscious choice by the owner both to give back to the community. The château plays a very active role in the local community and current restoration work will facilitate welcoming visitors.

Cultural Project

Restoration of the roof of the Maison de l’Intendant

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