Château de Rochefort (Loire-Atlantique)

Château de Rochefort (Loire-Atlantique)
Château de Rochefort (Loire-Atlantique)

The Château de Rochefort, probably designed by architect Jean-Baptiste Ceineray from Nantes, was built in 1764, just after the Seven Years’ War, by a family from Nantes linked to the Chambre des Comptes and allied to another family enriched by trading with the Islands (the Luynes). Wishing to do what their Bordeaux ship-owner counterparts had done a few years earlier, Charles de Goyon-Rochefort spotted excellent land south of Nantes on very rocky slopes, facing south and overlooking the Sèvre Nantaise River. He had the idea of ​​planting a vineyard there and had wine presses and cellars built, as well as Louis XV style offices in border to manage his land. It is a remarkable ensemble which has been modified very lettle over the years, which explains its enormous need for restoration today.

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the roof of the château and outbuildings The most urgent work is to protect the château and outbuildings from water infiltration from the roof.

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