Basilica of Ste. Anne de Detroit (Detroit, Michigan)


The most significant example of the architectural heritage of the French community in Detroit, the Basilica was built in 1886 as part of the five building complex including a school, rectory, convent and parish hall. The previous incarnations of the church had been located in downtown Detroit and date back to the founding of the city by Cadillac in 1701   

In 2020, the Pope elevated this religious edifice to the rank of “minor basilica”.

Today, the Basilica’s carillon has been restored. The carillon is made up of ten bells installed in the early 20th century, each bearing a specific name as was done on the bells of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Each bell is engraved with names such as those of the donor families.

Restoration Project

Restoration of the carillon’s bells.

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Chicago Midwest Chapter