Château de Villeprévost (Eure-et-Loir)


In the middle of a park designed by a pupil of Le Nôtre, the château is a very typical  Beauceron manor house from the 18th century. It has belonged to the same family for two centuries and has not undergone any significant transformations. In the grand salon of the château, Amand-François Fougeron, the king’s adviser and local justice of the peace,  in 1798  interrogated more than 300 bandits from the “gang from Orgères” sadly infamous for having ravaged the Beauce region after the Revolution. A small French-style park designed in two successive parts on the same level extended by a trompe l’oeil alley is aligned with the setting sun on August 15th each year.

The château and the village maintain excellent relations and the park and the château host various dinners and concerts in particular for the Fête de la Musique. The château gives guided visits and will further enhance its cultural activities once the dovecote and other rooms in the château are restored and safe to open to the public.

Restoration Project

The dovecote requires restoration to prevent further deterioration. Once restored, it will host exhibitions by contemporary local artists.

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