Protestant Church of Saumur (Maine et Loire)

Protestant Church of Saumur (Maine et Loire)
Protestant Church of Saumur (Maine et Loire)

This Protestant church is unique in the department, both for its history and for its architecture. It regularly welcomes worshipers from Angers and Cholet.  The church is an emblematic building of a distinct chapter in Saumur’s history. The century of reform is a great historic time for the Protestant community. Oppressed by the local Church, a number of notables and common people converted to the Reformed Church. Considered at the beginning of the 17th century as the political capital of Protestantism, the City of Saumur endured the turbulant  period when the Wars of Religion and the wars of the kingdom were intertwined.  Today, The church is an integral part the city’s tourist circuit organized by the Tourist Office. An exhibition on the history of Protestantism is planned.

Cultural Project

the upper levels of the church’s interior and exterior, woodwork, organ gallery, painted decorations, railings and ironwork

Amount Awarded


Grant Sponsor

A private American Foundation and the Fondation du Patrimoine