Château de la Faucille (Maine-et-Loire)


Located at the crossroads of Brittany, Mayenne and Anjou, the château dates from the 17th century and is built on the remains of an old fortified château. It includes various outbuildings, grotto, orangery, and a chapel where the abjuration of Pierre de La Faucille took place in 1686. The south façade overlooks the gardens, and terraces, with a pond and a fountain. The terraces consist of a vegetable garden and old boxwood beds that lead to the river. The château receives visitors from June to October and offers a number of cultural activities.

The owner also views the restoration as a means to keep alive building traditions and artisanal skills and he highlights the work of the skilled craftsmen involved in the restoration at every stage. He pays special attention to and recognition for the quality of the work carried out by the stonemasons, carpenters and roofers who contribute to the transmission of the know-how (young companions come for training on the site) and are thus in keeping with the traditions of their predecessors from the 17th and 18th centuries, whose skills can be found in the stonework, woodwork and the quality of the craftsmanship.

Restoration Project

The early 18th-century roof, lanterns, and cornices.

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