Abbaye de la Lucerne (Manche)


The Abbaye de la Lucerne unique example of Norman Medieval Premonstratensian architecture – an architectural and spiritual renaissance in a green setting.

Since 1959, for the third time in its history, this exceptional ensemble has benefited from remarkable preservation and restoration work to offer one of the most complete examples of medieval Premonstratensian architecture in France. The absolute beauty of the architecture, its great luminosity and the authenticity of its well-preserved environment combine to form a unique site filled with spiritual peace.

The site currently offers spiritual visits, masses and religious festivals organized by the Fraternity of the Abbey of Lucerne. The next phase of restoration will focus on the roofing and framing of the abbey’s former priory.

Restoration Project

Restoration of the roof and framework of the former priory.

Amount Awarded


Grant Sponsor

The Florence Gould Foundation