Château de Balzac (Charente)


Located near Angoulême, built on the banks of the Charente, the 17th-century château and its park recall the memory of Jean-Louis Guez de Balzac (1597-1654) the famous Charente writer who made it his hermitage. Marie de Médicis, mother of Louis XIII, stayed for six months at the château. Locked up by order of the king in the Château de Blois, she escaped with the help of the Duke of Epernon, godfather of Jean-Louis Guez. He welcomed the Queen to his château where she stayed from March to the end of August in 1619.The current owners have been restoring the château over the past 50 years and rescued it from ruin.

The château welcomes visitors to discover the painted decorations from the 17th century which have regained their splendor after the restoration completed in June 2022.

The estate includes the Saint Martin Romanesque church from the 12th-13th century, the château which features a large 12th-13th century vaulted room, 17th-century living room renovated in the 18th century with curved woodwork, 17th-century frescoes, 18th-century colonnades, outbuildings, 17th-century Charente porch and paved courtyard, well and a 17th-century wrought iron entrance gate.

Restoration Project

The family has been restoring the château over a period of 50 years and requires aid in order to continue to undertake urgent restorations works to preserve the estate.

Amount Awarded


Grant Sponsor

FHS Philadelphia Chapter, Private Donor in memory of Lilibeth Dewavrin