Château du Breuil Yvain (Indre)

Château du Breuil Yvain (Indre)
Château du Breuil Yvain (Indre)

This ancient fortified domain in the lower Berry region dates from the 13th century. As the château was at the limit of the Duchy of Aquitaine it held an important defensive position along the Creuse River. During the Hundred Years War the king encourage further fortifications. Constructed in 1450, the châtelet or fortified entrance gate house dates from this period. A 15th-century “poterne” or postern was subsequently added. Much of the medieval château was destroyed by a fire in the early 18th century and a new, more comfortable wing was then built in the style of the day with a classical elegance and grand Mansard-style tiled roof.

The current ownersare the 20th generation of the same family to own the château and now oversee its restoration in order to pass this legacy on to their children and grandchildren.

Cultural Project

the châtelet (fortified entrance gate house), built in 1450, which currently suffers from many structural problems with the masonry and carpentry that threaten its strength and durability.

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New York Chapter and Adirondack Foundation – Paine Family Fund in memory of Lilibeth Dewavrin