Château de la Verrerie (Cher)

Château de la Verrerie (Cher)
Château de la Verrerie (Cher)

In 1422 the Dauphin of France, future Charles VII, gave Jean Stuart the lands of Verrerie, rewarding him for  his crucial support in the Hundred Years War. Descendants of the Scottish Royal family embellished the château from 1480 to 1525. Louis XIV offered the estate to Louise de Kéroualle, French spy and mistress of King Charles. In 1842, the Vogüé family acquired the château and had it enlarged. The estate, with its 40-hectare park, inspired Alain Fournier, author of Le Grand Meaulnes.

Cultural Project

Restoration of the roof of the entrance pavilion, known as “The Chatelet”

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