BnF-Richelieu (French National Library) (Paris)

BnF-Richelieu (French National Library) (Paris)
BnF-Richelieu (French National Library) (Paris)

The prestigious Salon Louis XV, along with the Mazarine Gallery, once restored, will be the showcase for a new museum and centerpiece of the future visitors’ circuit. It will open in 2021 for the tricentennial of the installation of the BnF in its historic Richelieu site. The restoration project is an immense undertaking not only to restore the 17th-century site, but to link it to the already restored 19th-century half of the BnF to integrate the whole into a single coherent site widely open to the public. Its goal is to place the BnF on par with the other great libraries of the world such as the Library of Congress and the British Library.

Cultural Project

Restoration of the Salon Louis XV, including 18th-century carved wooden paneling and paintings integrated into the room’s decors

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Iron Mountain, Incorporated