Domaine de Chavat Gardens (Gironde)

Domaine de Chavat Gardens
Domaine de Chavat Gardens

Located on the banks of the Garonne south of Bordeaux, the gardens are noteworthy for their great plant variety, important statuary and water ways. It includes a château, park and the water tower built by Le Corbusier in 1917. Abandoned during in the late 19th century, this former wine-growing estate owes its rebirth to an industrialist from Bordeaux, who acquired the property and saved it from ruin by transforming it into one of the most beautiful parks in Aquitaine. When the statuary was vandalized two years ago it was a blow to the entire community. Its restoration will also restore civic pride and a sense of community and enhance tourism.

Cultural Project

Restoration of the vandalized 19th-century statuary ensemble “Mystère de la Vie” (Mystery of Life), a major monumental work in marble by Ernesto Gazzeri from 1919. Several of the figures were decapitated or disfigured. The damaged fragments were recovered and will be used to restore the work to its original state.

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