Château de la Varenne (Meuse)

Château de la Varenne (Meuse)
Château de la Varenne (Meuse)

This elegant château was built on an old fortified house, in 1506 by Pierre Merlin, auditor of the Duke of Bar. A rare château in the Saulx Valley, stronghold of the Dukes of Bar, it has exceptional architectural features in regional style which include the Renaissance coffered ceilings in carved stone, the watchtowers at the corners and 29-foot high massive roofs that are the same height as the façade. The overall impression is one of elegant proportions and noble building materials. The English park spans 20 hectares along with a “French garden” created in 1880. This rural area of France does not attract a great deal of tourism so the rare châteaux in the region that are open to the public have an even greater impact than elsewhere. The owner is very active in the cultural and community life of the region and in promoting the area for tourism.

Cultural Project

Restoration of the roof and the northwest échauguette (tourette)

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Paris Chapter