Grant Highlights

Franco-American initiatives to preserve cultural treasures in both countries are crucial. It is clear that if future generations are to know the beauties of landmarks and historic monuments, it is our responsibility to act now to protect them.

Preservation is at the core of French Heritage Society’s mission. We awarded more than $1.1 million in restoration and cultural grants in 2017 (15 projects in France and six in the U.S.).

“It’s not just about making a contribution or sending a check, it’s about Americans who share their love of France”—Denis de Kergorlay, FHS President

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Mont Saint-Michel Abbey (Normandy) (Mont Saint-Michel, France)

2017 Grant of $168,000 with the support of the Florence Gould Foundation  Nature, faith and the talent of men founded and shaped this monument over more than a millennium. The long history of Mont Saint Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, begins in 708. In 966, the Benedictines settled on the Mount. From then on, the Abbey continues to grow and is fast becoming a major place of pilgrimage in the Christian West, and one of the centers of medieval culture where a large number of manuscripts are produced and stored. The plan of the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel is unlike any other monastery.  It is a true testimony of the mastery and expertise of the builders of the Middle Ages. Restoration: The 13th-century cloister, suspended between sky and sea, will be completely restored. The garden will be restored to its original  "neo-medieval" design including the soil brought back to its original level to reclaim its original proportions with respect to the colonnades surrounding it.