The Boston Chapter organizes a variety of cultural and social events for its members throughout the year. Proceeds from Chapter benefits have been designated for specific grants that FHS Board members have voted to support. The current projects are listed below in bold.

Francis de Marneffe, François Bardonnet and Christina Sayare are the current Boston Chapter Co-Chairmen. For further information or to learn more about Membership, please contact the Boston Chapter directly. Please email: fhsboston@frenchheritagesociety.org

Photos above: Boston Chapter  lectures and their Trip to Maine and Petite Plaisance.


  • Gore Place, MA
  • The Mount, MA
  • Trinity Church, MA
  • Petite Plaisance, ME
  • Château de Hautségur, France
  • Château de la Grange, France
  • Jardins de Oules, France
  • Abbaye de Longues, France
  • Prieure du Mont St. Michel
  • Rochambeau Monument, RI
  • Château de Meung-St.-Loire, France
  • Degas House, LA
  • Château de la Verrerie, France
  • Château de Septemé, France
  • Beauregard-Keyes House, LA


Past Highlights

  • Special receptions and dinners
  • Louis XIV and Versailles, lecture by James Caughman
  • “How Paris Became Paris, Making a Great Walking City”, lecture by Joan DeJean
  • Trip to Maine to visit Petite Plaisance, home of French author Marguerite Yourcenar
  • A dinner and book signing of “Dior and His Decorators” by Maureen Footer