Saint Martin de Mondaye Abbey

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The Order of the Canon of the "Prémontré", founded in 1120, coincides with the foundation of the Cistercian, Chartreux and Camaldules Orders. The village of Prémontré in the Saint-Gobain forest gives its name to the Order. The Order flourished and 100 years later counted 600 Abbeys in Brittany, Scotland, Italy, Poland, Cyprus and the Holy Lands. The Order follows the rule of Saint Augustus.

In the 13th century, the Order had several abbeys in Normandy, including the Abbaye de Mondaye, which would suffer from the wars of the succeeding centuries. Its moment of true glory was reached in the early 18th century with the construction of the present monastery.

In France, only two "Prémontré" Abbeys survived the French Revolution, the Abbaye de Frigolet near Avignon and the Abbaye de Mondaye. But the monks were dispersed, only to come back in 1859. They were again briefly dispersed under the Third Republic.

In 2009, the Abbey de Mondaye celebrated the 150th anniversary of the return of the religious community. Near D-Day Landing Beaches, it was the first French abbey to be liberated during WWII. Today 44 monks live at the abbey. The present complex of buildings dates from the early 18th century and displays a classic harmony of style, which makes it an exceptional example of religious heritage from the period.

Restoration: The commons building