Chapel of the Hôtel-Dieu in Lyon

2014 Grant of $239,400—Florence Gould Foundation

Thanks in part to French Heritage Society's 2014 grant, restoration of the south side chapels, with the Chapels of Saint Joseph and of the Sacred Heart, is underway. The restoration of these chapels is critical as it will serve as a visual incentive for future sponsors. Subsequent restorations will include the choir, the nave, the reliquary and the organ. The restoration will preserve all ornamentation work done in the 19th century as the original decoration had been covered in whitewash at the time.

In 2017, the Grand Hotel-Dieu will offer areas for diverse cultural and other activities in an international context, and join the Network of Cities of Gastronomy as designed by UNESCO. With courtyards and gardens open to stroll, surrounding pedestrian areas, and the main access moved to rue Bellecordière, the chapel will be placed at the heart of this iconic compound. A major rehabilitation of the urban center for a future complex comprising commercial, cultural and leisure activities and gardens open to the public will echo the original 17th-century plans by the celebrated architect Soufflot.

The main entrance of the Grand Hotel-Dieu will be next to the Chapel of the Hotel-Dieu. Therefore, the plan begins with the restoration of the Chapel of the Hotel-Dieu with its eight interior chapels. This 8.2 million-euro restoration project has been identified by the City of Lyon and the Architect de Bâtiments de France as the key project to launch the complete rehabilitation program and neighborhood renewal.