Saint Anthony’s Garden

2010 Grant of $10,000—FHS Chapters, private donor

St. Anthony’s Garden belongs to and is located behind Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans and is one of the oldest historic sites of the city. During initial excavations, more than 32,000 artifacts were unearthed dating from the earliest days of the city to the present and several French buildings and campsites were revealed. The Getty Foundation, the National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities have been involved in that phase of the project.

The garden, ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, is being restored by Louis Benech, the renowned French landscape gardener. The project includes replanting uprooted magnolia trees and rebuilding walkways and their substructure. In addition, the 1859 marble obelisk monument to the sailors of the French warship Tonnerre will be cleaned and lowered to enhance the view of the garden. The statue is a testimony to the longstanding relationship between France and Louisiana and the French Heritage Society grant will aid in its restoration. When completed, the garden opened to the public.