Mont Saint-Michel Abbey (Normandy)

2017 Grant of $168,000 with the support of the Florence Gould Foundation  Nature, faith and the talent of men founded and shaped this monument over more than a millennium. The long history of Mont Saint Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, begins in 708. In 966, the Benedictines settled on the Mount. From then on, the Abbey continues to grow and is fast becoming a major place of pilgrimage in the Christian West, and one of the centers of medieval culture where a large number of manuscripts are produced and stored. The plan of the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel is unlike any other monastery.  It is a true testimony of the mastery and expertise of the builders of the Middle Ages. Restoration: The 13th-century cloister, suspended between sky and sea, will be completely restored. The garden will be restored to its original  "neo-medieval" design including the soil brought back to its original level to reclaim its original proportions with respect to the colonnades surrounding it.