Château-Thierry Memorial Church (Lorraine)

2016 Grant of $21,000 - FHS Chapters In 1918 the infamous Second Battle of the Marne decimated French and American troops at Château-Thierry. The troops were so closely integrated that American soldiers quickly took heavy losses.  American civil, military and ecclesiastical authorities immediately recognized Chateau-Thierry as an important memorial center, highly symbolic of the French – American friendship and raised funds to build the Memorial Church. The stained glass windows constitute the most remarkable part of the interior décor. The centerplate illustrates the famous phrase attributed to General Pershing upon his arrival in France: “Lafayette, nous voilà”. “Lafayette, we are here” and depicts Lafayette with French WWI Generals Foch, Joffre, Pétain and Nivelle. FHS presented its plaque at a ceremony on April 5th, 2017, a day before the centennial of the U.S. entry into WWI. Restoration: Stained glass windows including the central Lafayette window