Château de Villegongis

2015 Grant of $112,500—Private Donor

In 1531 Jacques de Brizay, a prominent member of Francis I’s court, inherited Villegongis. He reconstructed the current château on former medieval foundations. At his death, in 1542, the main building was finished, with its two angle towers and side galleries. The general plan of the château forms a square surrounded with moats with a central building flanked by two towers. Directly inspired by royal constructions, Villegongis was built by Pierre Trinqueau one of the architects of Chambord. The kinship between the two châteaux is obvious. Villegongis is in the lineage of the Loire Valley châteaux such as Bury, Azay-le-Rideau and Chambord.

Restoration: carpentry and roofing, sculpted chimney.