Seignouret-Brulatour House (New Orleans)

Built in 1816 by Francois Seignouret, a wine importer who made his fortune selling wine from his family’s Château Dillon in Bordeaux, the Seignouret-Brulatour House is a vital aspect of The Historic New Orleans Collection’s efforts to preserve and protect the French Quarter. It is restoring and expanding this historic property to create a 38,000 sq. feet exhibition center in the heart of this historic quarter for the promotion, preservation, and study of the rich and diverse culture of New Orleans and the Louisiana region.

This project is part of a $38 million expansion of The Historic New Orleans Collection’s exhibition space, and was inaugurated in April, 2019.


Restoration of the Pradel Gallery exhibition space

Amount Awarded


Grant Sponsor

Private donor – a direct ancestor of Chevalier de Pradel, Jean-Charles de Pradel de Lamaze (1692-1764), a French settler and military leader in the Louisiana Territories. Pradel is one of the co-founders of the City of New Orleans along with Bienville and left behind an exceptional collection of documents, letters and maps from the period that have been loaned by the donor to The Historic New Orleans Collection and are on display in the new Pradel Gallery.