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Moya et Jean-Louis Beaud de Brive

Cordially invite you to the Château de Bouzols to :

  • Celebrate fifteen years of restoration work and tourist and cultural events at the château, as private actors involved in public heritage policies.
  • Thank the public (State, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, Department of Haute-Loire) and private (American association French Heritage Society, Etrillard Found ation) donors who supported them throughout this period in their conservation actions of the thousand-year-old historic building and the château dependencies.
  • Announce the launch of new heritage initiatives placing the fortress at the service of the general interest of the surrounding areas and the tourist and cultural development of the upper valley of the Haute- Loire with the creation of the ROCCAHLS association.

Under the honorary presidency of Mr. Eric ETIENNE, Prefect of Haute-Loire and Mr. Laurent WAUQUIEZ, President of the Auvergne -Rhône-Alpes Region.         Mr. Jean-François HEBERT, Director General of Architecture and Heritage at the Ministry of Culture will also be present.

RSVP by June 7, 2022 – at: abfa432014@gmail.com

2020 FHS Grant from the Chicago and New York Chapters for $10,000

The fortress of Bouzols is first mentioned as far back as 1046 and the site encapsulates over 1,000 years of history. Originally, the estate included a castrum, a chapel, some outbuildings and housed a semi-troglodyte village. It was embellished during the Renaissance, notably with windows peirced in the solid stone from the region. The religious mural paintings in the oratory date from 1646 and have been recently restored. The château was abandoned in the 18th century and was then seized as state property during the Revolution and put up for auction in 1795. Descendants of the current owner purchased the estate in 1808. The current owner, Jean-Louis Beaud de Brive, is in the process of passing the estate on to his two children who will overseen the next phase of its restoration and continued development.

The restoration work concerns the roof of the Maison de l’Intendant just below the main building of the château to allow visitors better access to the château, ramparts and surrounding areas. The château plays a very active role in the local community and current restoration work will allow it to continue to develop visits and improve reception conditions for visitors.

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