Château de la Rongère (Mayenne)

The lands of La Rongère were sold in 1294 to Macé de Quatrebarbes. The family, during the following centuries, built several châteaux on the site. The current château consists of three wings: the Louis XIII and Louis XIV wings built by of the Quatrebarbes family; and the Louis XV wing, built in the second half of the 18th century by the de Montecler family. In 1890, the château underwent very ewtensive restoration work on the Louis XIV and Louis XIII wings. Among other things, the “gendarme hat” was added to the right tower, as well as the ornamentation and numerous sculptures on the facades, in particular those of the chapel, the interior of which was completely redone in the style of the time.

This 18th-century château features an impressive French park and formal gardens created by the Abbé de Montecler in 1760 which have remained intact since then and are the most magnificent in the Mayenne region.


the roof and masonry of the upper section of the chapel, completely restored in 1890 in the style of the day

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