Over the years, the Chapter has organized a variety of cultural and social events for its members. Proceeds from Chapter benefits have been designated for specific grants which FHS Board members have voted to fund. Jolyon Grant is the current Arizona Chapter Chairman. For further information or to learn about Membership, please contact the Arizona Chapter directly.
Please email: fhsarizona@frenchheritagesociety.org
Photos: FHS intern at a restoration workshop in Paris and grants to the Memorial Church at Château-Thierry and the Hermione.


  • Gila Chapel, AZ
  • Chateau de La Verrerie in the Cher region of France
  • The Elms in Newport, Rhode Island


Past Highlights

  • Luncheons, musical evenings and lectures, from former Ambassador André Baeyens, to Kristina Haughland, Costume Curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art